No. 12 – Well, That Didn’t Last Long…

Okay, so my promise to myself to write for my crafting blog at least once a week is failing miserably. I have plenty to say, mind you, but currently less and less time to devote to such things. It saddens my heart that you all are deprived of my thoughts and wit every week. ;)

So, I’m probably going to be inundating your inboxes with a few posts over the weekend. Maybe even all of them today. :)

For this post, I’m gonna make it short and sweet and point you all in the direction of my Etsy store for a while. I’ve uploaded quite a few new items over the last month or so…a few for Easter (though that’s come and gone already!) and more birthday and now Mother’s Day cards. Check them out below!

These are just a few samples. I’ll be making more Mother’s Day cards this weekend and uploading new designs as well! Keep checking back!

Also, an important note: I am most happily going back to my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska in early/mid-May, so I will be gone and unable to send things after May 7th. This includes Mother’s Day (which is May 13th) so if you’re looking for anything to get to you before I get back on the 16th, you should get your orders in in the next few weeks!

Okay – until the next post (soon – I promise!), happy crafting!