No. 03 – Glitter Makes Everything Better

More crafts!

So a few days ago, I decided to re-visit my little food signs, and punch them up a bit. And what better way to do that than with GLITTER.

This is really the only decent picture I got off my phone, unfortunately, but I’ll be borrowing a friend’s camera  for the party, so I’ll get lots of good pics then. I used this Halloween-themed glitter pack from Michael’s:

It’s a great little pack, and a little goes a long way! There’s also a similar pack by Martha Stewart that comes with a little glue pen. I’ve used this one for a few other projects too:

Glitter skulls! I bought these tiny skulls at Michael’s as well, and used a paintbrush to put a thin layer of glue all over, then generously used the glitter until it was coated, shaking off the excess.

These skulls are a couple of inches across, but there were others by Martha Stewart that we quite a bit bigger, if you need something large for a centerpiece or the like. These are just going to go amongst the plates of food with a few un-glittered skulls and the food signs.

I’ve also made a few oddity jars – filled with things you might find in a witch’s kitchen. ;)

Dragon’s Egg

Phoenix Feathers

Brain Specimen

Graveyard Dirt

Dendriod Leaves

Anyhow, I hope you all have fun crafting for Halloween! Next time I should have some pics from the party!

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